How to break into top investment banks – Tip #1

Many university graduates are fighting for a position in investment banking, especially in bulge bracket banks. I was no different two years ago, attending as many career events as possible trying to break into banking. I would like to share some tips to help you increase the chance and kick off your career to a dream start. I will do this in a series of articles.


1. Know your strength

Everyone is unique and NO success story can be repeated. You need to know your OWN unique selling point… extremely well. Don’t say that you don’t have any… YOU MUST DO. You cannot find a second person who have been through what YOU have experienced in life.

What I’ve done: List out every important things you’ve done in your life. For me, I have an international background (hence language skills); I liked Maths (so I am analytical); I was good at basketball (teamwork skill); I loved finance, have read many famous books on investing / finance (passion for finance) etc.

Yes, if you look at these points individually, they might not be unique at all. But when you have all these skills in one person, that makes it unique. Tip 1 is very helpful to build up your confidence.


Please follow my blog for Tip #2 (coming soon)


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