How to break into top investment banks – Tip #2

The second tip !

2. Know what you are getting yourself into

Hopefully now that you have a better understanding of yourself. Next step is to find a suitable position for your unique skillset. As a university student, you probably have no idea what each position does… so why not learn about all available positions? You can try the things below to do it quickly:

·   Go to investment banking career events … EVERY SINGLE ONE you know of. There is no better way than hearing first hand information from people in the industry. Also, you will meet other like-minded students, an invaluable network.

·   Career section of every bank’s website: try these: Goldman Sachs Career, Morgan Stanley Career

·   Useful websites: Break into Wall Street, Mergers and Inquisitions

What I’ve done: I attended every event possible, spoke to representatives from both IBD and Global Markets. I was more interested in deal based job and my language skills are more useful in IBD in Asia Pacific. So applying for IBD in Hong Kong became my natural choice.


#3 to follow… follow my blog to keep updated!


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