THREE ways to make you happier in life

#1 – Lower your expectations

Many people talk about “Dream big”. But that’s exactly what makes people feel stressed and miserable.

Most people are unhappy every day because they have extremely high expectations in life – they want to own a big house, drive a nice car, be the boss of a large corporation…

But when they turn to reality, it’s nowhere near that level.

Then they become anxious, some starts working hard for those goals and find them feeling depressed every day.

Lower your expectation on life, and learn to appreciate what you have. You will find yourself a lot happier, and everyday becomes more enjoyable.


 #2 – Live in the moment

Tip #1 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a big goal. You should still have a goal far ahead, but learn to focus on making marginal steps towards that goal.

Remember, successes are achieved over many years, but our time passes by seconds. It’s very painful to think about successes at every second.

Learn to enjoy what you are doing and where you are.


#3 – Stop complaining

Once again, people complain because their real life is not the same as expectation.

Unfortunately, our life is never perfect, and if you want to complain, there are millions of things to complain about.

Quit complaining and start to think about what is positive about your situation.

And don’t forget, the pains you are going through today, or the “difficult” job you are working on today, might change your life one day.


To sum up…

Above are the THREE tips I believe will make us enjoy our life.

Stop being anxious about what you want to have but don’t have, and stay normal.

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