20170624 – Quest for success #1

Looking at the world, this is a world dominated by technology. Technology is impacting our lives more than ever – AI, AR/VR, IoT, Big Data 3D printing, automation etc. All these new ideas are going to completely change the way people live.

In this time of our history, it is difficult to convince myself that finance, in particular investment banking was the right career choice. Everyday, I hear about all these tech startup founders becoming successful in their 20’s. This is starting to make me anxious as I feel like I am missing out all the opportunities out there.

Looking back at my life so far, I have tried multiple things for a short period of time, but I have no real passion that I persisted on doing for a long time.

Even now, I am spending my time reading about business, thinking about start up ideas, learning to invest the money I have.

What should I do now….

I think number 1, I need some focus, I cannot stop doing too many things at the same time. Just to organize my thoughts, investing and business can go concurrently…. and it will help me with startups.

My goal is very simple, I want to do something that I enjoy everyday. I want to establish something that helps others. I wanna gather some people with the same thoughts as me and create a great company.

Should I learn computer science? or should I learn to become a pure business man.

Either way, I need FOCUS and PERSISTENCE. Let’s relax, stay positive and happy, and keep going forward.


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