Doing is more important than anything else…

For me, I like to think a lot. Maybe because I came from an Asian background or have been an analytical person all my life.

But recently, I started to reflect on what I have achieved so far in my life. I realized that I was always in search for something I’m passionate about. (And I’m sure this is the same for many others) and I have always complained when I am not doing something I like. From my university degree to my current job.

And I’ve been living with negativity and much less proactivity. And that’s why when I sit down quietly now to assess myself, what’s my strength and weakness, or what kind of person I am, I can tell very little.

I think self-awareness is an extremely important foundation for a person’s life. And I perhaps should start with working on self awareness.

And I should stop wasting time thinking about what to do next because I always have way too many ideas and changes all the time. That probably won’t get me anywhere…

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